These are the top 100 websites, ranked by traffic, in the United States, according to data from Alexa. They are color-coded by type (banking sites, streaming), and each circle’s size indicates how highly ranked within the top 100 a website is, as you can see by the diagram to the left.

There are millions of websites on the World Wide Web, but not all of them attract the same kind of traffic.


The most visited websites in the U.S., as ranked by Inc.’s Alexa, are mostly familiar names, although there are a few that were comparatively obscure. Vodien, a Singapore-based managed-hosting provider, sorted the top 100 into a color-coded graph that showed not only where the websites ranked, but also by category and corporate affiliations.

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For instance, social media websites are coded in baby blue, while information/databases are light yellow and news websites are shown in peach.

Not surprisingly, Alphabet Inc.’s Google and its affiliate YouTube took first and second places, followed by social media behemoth Facebook Inc. and Amazon. Internet pioneer Yahoo Inc. showed up at No. 5 while collaborative encyclopedia site came in sixth and seventh. came in at eighth, e-commerce site eBay Inc. was ninth and LinkedIn Corp., a social media platform for professionals, grabbed the 10th spot.

By category, 14 media companies ranked in the top 100, with CNN leading the pack at No. 22., founded by White House chief strategist Steve Bannon, checked in at 45th. Social media sites accounted for 12 spots, and web and file-hosting sites claimed 11. Retail websites and business domains were also fairly popular, each claiming nine.

There are even three porn sites in the century club, with PornHub ranked as high as No. 33, right after the Weather Channel. Scribol, an online magazine specializing in bizarre news, closed out the list at 100.


March 14, 2017
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